Silver Needle White Tea  <br /> 月光银针 (350g)
Silver Needle White Tea   月光银针 (350g)Silver Needle White Tea   月光银针 (350g)Silver Needle White Tea   月光银针 (350g)Silver Needle White Tea   月光银针 (350g)

Silver Needle White Tea
月光银针 (350g)


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【Silver Needle White Tea 】
Yunnan Silver Needle white tea is a light and delicate white tea. This is the highest quality white tea available, and it is famous throughout the world for its impeccable flavor and aromatic fragrance.  Silver Needle white tea is produced by picking the large leaf of the tea tree buds to create this beautiful white tea.  It has a more robust flavor that is sweet, mellow, smooth, with malty and  honey undertones.

Benefit of White Tea
Anti Aging, Improves Skin Texture
It has antioxidant and anti-aging properties which help in maintaining good healty and healthy skin.
With antibacterial properties, white tea protect body from various infection. It prevents cold & flu.

【Brewing The Perfect Cup】
Tea Ware Selected: 
Purple Clay,Porcelain or glass utensil
Amount of Tea: 
7gm/ 150cc (Can adjust the amount of tea leaf and length of steeping)
Water Temperature: 
70°C - 80°C
Warming Up Brew:
Once or None
Brewing Time:
 1st brew about 20 seconds, 2nd brew about 15 seconds, 3rd brew about 20 seconds, 4th brew about 25 seconds, 5th brew about 30 seconds, 6th brew about 45 seconds.......

Weight: 350g
Year of Production: 2016
Tea Type: White Tea
Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour.


选用器皿:紫砂壶,瓷器 或 玻璃器
投茶量   :7公克/150cc容器 (供参考,可依个人口感自行调节)
水温      :70-80度