Stevia Leaf <br /> 甜菊叶 (35g)
Stevia Leaf  甜菊叶 (35g)Stevia Leaf  甜菊叶 (35g)

Stevia Leaf
甜菊叶 (35g)

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Stevia leaf is well known as natural and zero calorie sweetener. It can be brew to serve as tea or make dessert.
It is a great alternative to replace sugar. Ability to lower blood sugar and blood pressure. Suitable for diabetic patients. It also help relieve excessive thirst.

• Not suitable for pregnant women

Serving Suggestion
• Add 3-4 pieces of stevia leaves into 250ml mug.
• You can add in flower tea of your choice to enhance more flavours & health benefits.
*Recommended : french rose, lavender & apple flower
• Add hot water, brew for 3 minutes.
• Increase the time for subsequent brewing.

• Amount of tea & water temperature can be adjusted according to personal taste.

Net Weight: 35g
Ingredient: Stevia Leaf
Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour.


• 孕妇不宜饮用

• 把3-4片甜菊叶放进250ml的杯里.
• 加入花茶一起冲泡,可增加口味及具保健功效.
   建议 : 法国玫瑰, 薰衣草 & 苹果花
• 倒入热水浸泡3分钟.
• 逐渐增加浸泡时间.

• 可按照个人口味调配茶的分量和水的温度.