South Mountain Supreme Tea <br /> 南山極品 (125g)
South Mountain Supreme Tea  南山極品 (125g)South Mountain Supreme Tea  南山極品 (125g)South Mountain Supreme Tea  南山極品 (125g)

South Mountain Supreme Tea
南山極品 (125g)

Help in improving metabolism rate and increase fat burning effectiveness

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【South Mountain Supreme Tea】
South Mountain Supreme Tea is a semi-fermented tea, selected from the leaves of the finest tea plants grown in Anxi, Fujian Province, China. The tea leaves have a roll and round appearance.

The Legend Of Tie Guan Yin
The most popular legend goes something like this: a poor farmer named Weiyin in rural Anxi, Fujian regularly attended to a dilapidated Guanyin temple in his village. He would carefully sweep, dust, and burn incense at the temple on his way to toiling in the fields. One night in a dream Guanyin appeared to him. Thankful for his faithful devotion, she said there was a treasure for him in a cave behind the temple which he must share with others. 

The next morning Weiyin went to the cave and voila! there was a tea branch. He took the tea branch, planted it and the tea leaves that sprouted were the source of a wonderfully aromatic and floral tea which he named after Guanyin who led him to the plant.

Benefits of Oolong Tea
- Can help in improving our bodies metabolism rate and increase fat burning effectiveness
- Help increase our concentration, get rids of tiredness
- Enhance our bodies immunes system
- Strengthen our teeth, prevents tooth decay
- Helps in lowering our blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar
- Helps prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer

【Brewing The Perfect Cup】
Tea Ware Selected: 
Purple Clay,Porcelain or glass utensil
Amount of Tea: 
7gm/ 150cc (Can adjust the amount of tea leaf and length of steeping)
Water Temperature: 
85°C - 95°C
Warming Up Brew:
Once or None
Brewing Time:
 1st brew about 20 seconds, 2nd brew about 15 seconds, 3rd brew about 20 seconds, 4th brew about 25 seconds, 5th brew about 30 seconds, 6th brew about 45 seconds.......
Weight: 125g
Tea Type: Oolong Tea
Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour.

【南山極品 】


* 可以促进新陈代谢和燃烧脂肪达到瘦身效果
* 提神益思,消除疲劳
* 加强免疫功能,预防老化
* 强化牙齿,防止蛀牙
* 有助于降低高血压,胆固醇,血糖
* 预防心脏疾病和癌症

选用器皿:紫砂壶,瓷器 或 玻璃器
投茶量   :7公克/150cc容器 (供参考,可依个人口感自行调节)
水温      :85-95度