Xiao Ba Wang 2014 <br> 小霸王 2014 (200g)
Xiao Ba Wang 2014  小霸王 2014 (200g)Xiao Ba Wang 2014  小霸王 2014 (200g)

Xiao Ba Wang 2014
小霸王 2014 (200g)

Tea leafs origin from Jing Mai Hill, Spring Tea
景迈高山生态茶 ,春茶

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2014 景迈高山生态茶 ,春茶

景迈山位于云南省澜县境内。景迈茶多生长在万木众林中,与数百种野生植物共存。也因此导致景迈茶拥有独特的兰花香气。景迈茶香气突显、山野之气强烈,与古树茶相似,还具有特别浓郁及持久的茶香。头五泡带有蜜、果、花的香气,霸气内敛,柔中带刚,香气饱满集中于舌面后段,醇厚饱满,底韵足,五泡后换来淡淡的兰花香。甜味明显而持久。 汤质丰厚而口感鲜爽。

Year 2014 ~ Tea leafs origin from Jing Mai Hill in within Yunnan Province , Spring Tea

Jing Mai Hill is located in within Yunnan Province. Jing Mai tea usually grow in the middle of the forest that grow with hundreds species of wild plants. Jing Mai tea has a strong and long-lasting pleasant fragrance of the wild forest that similar to old aged tea tree. The first five brew of this tea brings the taste of honey, fruit, floral aroma and domineering aroma. The aroma of tea stays and focused on the tongue that feels mellow and full. After the first five brew, the aroma of tea brings out a soft pleasant orchid scent. It also brings out significant and long lasting sweetness.