Buckwheat Tea <br> 荞麦茶 (20 sachets)

Buckwheat Tea
荞麦茶 (20 sachets)

Improves detoxification and help in reducing infection
清热解毒, 活血化瘀

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Buckwheat Tea

Soften the blood vessels, improves body microcycle, improves detoxification and help in reducing infection.

• Decrease blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.
• Improves immune system.
• Detoxification, reduce fatigue and revitalize body.
• Grain fibre helps to improve skin texture.
• Helps to treat and prevent diabetes.
• Improve digestion and protects body’s digestive system.

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• 降三高(高血压,高血脂,高血糖).
• 增強人体免疫功能.
• 清除体内垃圾,消除疲劳,恢复能量.
• 粗粮膳食纤维增加皮肤抗氧化功能,让皮肤健康光泽,美容养颜.
• 荞麦中所含的苦荞黄酮(芦丁),对糖尿病有预防和辅助治疗功效.