Brown Rice Green Tea <br> 玄米茶 (30 sachets)

Brown Rice Green Tea
玄米茶 (30 sachets)

Good for skin, helps to relieve stress and insomnia
美白润肤, 营养丰富, 有降脂降压作用

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Brown Rice Green Tea

• Contains green tea that helps in anti-oxidation, anti-bacteria, and prevent hardening of blood vessels.
• Good for skin.
• Helps to relieve stress and insomnia.
• Lowers body cholesterol, improves metabolism, helps indigestion and detox. 

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• 有绿茶的抗氧化,抗菌,防动脉硬化等功能.
• 美白润肤,营养丰富,调理机体循环.
• 能抑制兴奋,有利于缓解精神压力,所以能治疗失眠,改善精神症状.
• 有降脂降压作用,并能促进新陈代谢,帮助消化,排毒养颜.