• "Jiao Gu Lan"
    绞股蓝 (50g)

    Gynostemma herb, also known as ‘twisting vine orchid’ has the nutrients in recuperation of internal secretion, detox, clears vision, strengthens the liver, lowers body fat, blood pressure & cholesterol, prevents cancer, anti-aging, and relieves coughing.

    Serving method
    Gynostemma contains soap glocoside, hence it need to be prepared with hot water above 80 degrees celsius. Brewing with hot water will maximise the effectiveness of Gynostemma. Use 1-2 grams for 250 ml of water, can be brew repeatedly.

    Suitable for
    People that is diagnose high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood fats, liver infection, obesity, imbalance of internal secretion and long term exhaustion. 

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  • Lots Golden Fairy
    "Lo Han Guo"

    The organic cultivation farm of “Lots Golden Fairy” luo han guo is located at Yong Fu Bai Shou village in Guilin, Guangxi Province. This country is well known as "the township of Luo Han Guo" as it has the longest cultivation history of Luo Han Guo for over 300 years. Bai Shou village is one of the villages that have high percentage of long-lived people among the villages in China. Besides that, the residents of Bai Shou village maintain a 0% of cancer’s record until now and achieved the longest confirmed lifespan record of 156 years old !







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  • Lots Soba Tea
    荞麦茶 (20 sachets)

    Benifit of Soba Tea
    Soften the blood vessels, improves body microcycle, improves detoxification and help in reducing infection.
    • Decrease blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.
    • Improves immune system.
    • Detoxification, reduce fatigue and revitalize body.
    • Grain fibre helps to improve skin texture.
    • Helps to treat and prevent diabetes.
    • Improve digestion and protects body’s digestive system.

    Brewing The Perfect Cup


    Net Weight: 8g± x 20 Tea Bags/can
    Ingredient: Buckwheat Tea
    Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour.

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  • Ma Liu Mi
    马骝蜜 (25g)

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  • Peppermint Tea
    薄荷叶 (50g)

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